What are included with my $100 tournament team fee?

Monterey Beach Open Junior Beach Tournament

– Long Sleeve Dry-fit event shirt (Valued at $40)

– Breakfast (Valued at $5)

– Lunch (Valued at $10)

– Event merchandise such as water bottle (Valued at $10+)

Total estimated value worth over $60 each participant.

With all the tournament gifts and food that you receive with your team registration fee you pretty much are playing at this magnificent tournament for FREE.  Every participant will get more that what they paid for!

IN ADDITION – First, second, and both third place winners in each age division will receive top prizes!

CIF outside competition rules for current high school athletes (Primarily girls high school indoor fall season)?

Two on two beach volleyball – outside team competition is permitted during girls high school volleyball fall season.  [Rule 600 & Definitions for all sports 2012]

How do I register for a tournament?

Simply register on our website for what division you are interested in competing in.  Current CBVA rating will be used for adults only.  One partner (not both) registers the team for the tournament.

How do I cancel my registration?

Once the gender/ age group/ division that you register for has CLOSED for registration due to sell out there is absolutely NO REFUNDS.  Please email our tournament director  jason@montereybeachopen.com and notify of your cancellation.  If there is a waiting list of teams and we are able to fill your cancellation spot it is than but NOT guarantee that we will consider your refund.  In addition, there will be a $25 deducted for administrative/ refund fee.  Ex. If your tournament fee is $95 you will be refunded only $75.

What time should I arrive?
It’s best to arrive between 7:30-7:45am so you have time to park and get settled before you check in at 8:00am.  Play begins at 9:00 sharp!

Can women play in a men division?
No, even if they are “as good” as the men it can effect things in unpredicted ways.
Adults levels of Play offered

Adult Competitions IF offered?

1) AA: Very strong experienced beach players
2) A: Have developed some strong skills
3) BB: Intermediate

4) Amateur Coed

5) 2016 Junior Age Division Requirements

Division            Birthdate on or After:
18U                   September 1, 1997
16U                   September 1, 1999
14U                   September 1, 2001
12U                   September 1, 2003


Can I play any level I want?

If you are an unrated player play the level you think you belong in. You’ll quickly learn if you were right and can adjust accordingly next time.

If you have earned a rating, you may play at or above your rating but may not play below your earned rating (even in a coed).


Can youth members participate in adult tournaments?

Yes, as long as they are of the level of the tournament we welcome advanced youth players.
Adequate Parking Provided


Parking available for participants and spectators?

There are metered parking right next to the beach tournament venue and also additional overflow paid parking lots within walking distance of the beach.