4th Annual Monterey Beach Open: July 30-31, 2016

Another Monterey Beach Open successful event in the record books!  Thank you very much for all teams who participated!  Huge congratulations to all of our top team winners!

Overall Participation:


Boys 18u Division: 10 Teams

Girls 18u Division: 18 Teams

Boys 16u Division: 6 Teams

Girls 16u Division: 28 Teams

Girls 15u Division: 21 Teams

SUNDAY, JULY 31, 2016

Sunday Event

Boys 14u Division:  4 Teams

Girls 14u Division: 51 Teams

Coed 12u Division: 18 Teams


Girls 18u_1st Place

Girls 18u_2nd Place

Girls 18u_3rd Place

Girls 18u_4th Place

Boys 18u_1st

Boys 18u_2nd

Boys 18u_3rd

Boys 18u_4th

Girls 16u_1st Place

Girls 16u_2nd Place

Girls 16u_4th Place

Girls 16u_3rd Place

Boys 16u_1st

Boys 16u_2nd Place

Boys 16u_3rd

Boys 16u_4th

Girls 15u_1st Place

Girls 15u_2nd Place

Girls 15u_3rd Place

Caroline and Stephanie

Girls 14u_1st Place

Girls 14u_2nd Place

Girls 14u_3rd Place

Girls 14u_4th Place

Boys 14u_1st

Boys 14u_2nd

Boys 14u_3rd

Boys 14u_4th

Coed12u_1st Place

Coed12u_2nd Place

Coed12u_3rd PlaceCoed12u_4th Place