1st Annual Monterey Beach Open August 3-4, 2013

We would like to congratulation all of our Champions and Runnerup teams
at our
1st Annual 2013 Monterey Beach Open


18u Boys Division
1st Place: Isaiah Acfalle and Tobias Wisner

18u Boys Division2nd Place: Bre Richards and Matt Hall

18u Boys 2nd Place

 18u Girls Division

1st Place: Gaby Steiner and Michelle Periera

18u Girls 1st Place2nd Place: Anneka Banda and Anela Visesio

18u Girls 2nd Place

16u Boys Division

1st Place: Jack and Jackson McDonough

16u Boys 1st Place2nd Place: Anthony Doty and Rory Luk

16u Boys 2nd Place

 16u Girls Division

1st Place: Sjea Anderson and Megan Lonhart

16u Girls 1st Place2nd Place: Keona Stopper and Kate Lathos

16u Girls 2nd Place

 14u Girls Division

1st Place: Audri Lawrence and Alyssa Pepple

14u Girls 1st Place2nd Place: Taylor Rose and Olivia Satow

14u Girls 2nd Place

12u Girls Division
1st Place: Sofia Lyon and Lily Sheikh

12u Girls 1st Place2nd Place: Sophia Castagnetto and Cheyenne Rice

12u Girls 2nd Place

Women Open Division
1st Place: Jana Monello and Karissa Cook

Women Open 1st Place Jana Monello and Karissa Cook
2nd Place: Kimberly Krouskoupf and Amara Santos

Women Open 2nd Place

Men Open Division
1st Place: Kjell Nilssen and Jake Dietrich

Men Open 1st Place Kjell Nilssen and Jake Dietrich2nd Place: Mark Foos and Brock Hutchins

Men Open 2nd Place

Coed Division
1st Place: Jung and David Crabbe

Coed 1st Place2nd Place: Derrick Moore and Veronica Companion

Coed 2nd Place