2017 Monterey Beach Sportsfest Top Winners

Congratulations to all of our 2017  Monterey Beach Sportsfest Beach Volleyball Challenge top winners in each division!

Men’s Open Division

1st Place Garrett Wilson and Lev Priima

2nd Place Jacob Landel and Kacey Losik


Coed A Division

1st Place Kit and Michelle Moore

2nd Place Dance and Dante Styles


Girl’s 18u Division

1st Place Jordan Polo and Harper Godifarb

2nd Place Jillian Rodriguez and Emily Mattoon


Girl’s 16u Division

1st Place Grace Paulson and Emmy Sharp


2nd Place Fiona Garrett and Malina Baker


Girl’s 14u Division

1st Place Kylee Moore and Elizabeth Shwaiko

2nd Place Grace Mathews and Ryan Bludau


Girl’s 12u Division

1st Place Haley Wang and Taylor Ford

2nd Place Emily Green and Kaley Mathews